The PDF file contains the 2023 local demands submitted by the membership.

The Big 3 Special Issue of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

On Saturday April 30th, UAW Local 5960 members set out to serve the community on two fronts, our annual Highway Clean UP and Great Lakes National Cemetery Headstone Cleaning.  Both are important ways for our members to give back and serve the communities around us.

If you are looking for community service opportunities through our local union, be sure to check the UAW Local 5960 calendar for upcomming events and projects.

CONGRATULATIONS ORION ASSEMBLY: In the first quarter of this year GM announced the company will be investing upwards of $4 billion to transform Orion Assembly into an all-new Electric Truck plant slated to build the all-new Chevy Silverado EV and Sierra EV. GO UAW Local 5960!!

During a recent corporate visit by UAW International Reps. and GM exucutives to the Orion Assembly plant, UAW Local 5960 members were recognized for their efforts during the pandemic and numerous supply chain issues throughout 2021.

For more than 45 years, the Family Education Center has been a place where UAW members and their families come together for an experience that combines education with recreation. 

It’s a place to learn about our union, unlock ideas and build new friendships with other UAW families. 

Brothers and Sisters, On Monday, we celebrate the great sacrifices and life-changing contributions of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His vision was one of inclusion, of nonviolence, of respecting the rights of each and every one of us and championing the fact that we are all Americans.