It's About Damn Time!

CONGRATULATIONS ORION ASSEMBLY: In the first quarter of this year GM announced the company will be investing upwards of $4 billion to transform Orion Assembly into an all-new Electric Truck plant slated to build the all-new Chevy Silverado EV and Sierra EV. GO UAW Local 5960!!

During a recent corporate visit by UAW International Reps. and GM exucutives to the Orion Assembly plant, UAW Local 5960 members were recognized for their efforts during the pandemic and numerous supply chain issues throughout 2021.

UAW Local 5960 President, Louis Rocha congratulated local 5960 members at the event exclaiming "It's about damn time!", hightlighting over a decade of hard work and dedication the women and men of UAW Local 5960 have contributed to GM's decision to invest in the Orion facility.

Shop Chairman, Jason Leist garnered a huge applause when he assured the membership "none of this would be possible without you, the membership. You all earned this.  Not anyone up here on the stage."

Photos: Steve Fecht - GM Communications, David Michael - UAW Communications