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UAW 5960 Retirees Committee


The UAW Local 5960 Retirees Committee is a group of members dedicated to staying active with the UAW after retirement and encouraging those about to retire.  The committee assists retirees, host's events, including holiday specials and adopt-a-highway.

UAW Local 5960
Retiree Grandchildren’s Scholarship Recipients
May 16, 2018
Sarah Hinkle
Granddaughter of:
Robert Hinkle
Kaitlyn Nusz
Granddaughter of:
Dale Nusz
Hannah Whitaker
Granddaughter of:
Carol Whitaker
Sydney Small
Granddaughter of:
William Wentz
Cierra Levering
Granddaughter of:
Arthur Burny
Zachary Rodney Helm
Grandson of:
David Helm
Chase Hartley Brown
Grandson of:
Janet Macintosh


Retirees Committee Members


Chairperson: Rupert W O'Brien Jr.


Vice Chairperson: Cliff Fatt


Recording Secretary:  Ron Ledwell


Financial Secretry: Sandra Sergeant


Trustees:  Harold King, Dick Schefke, Billie Adler


Sergeant-At-Arms: Melvin Helm


Guide: Jerry Schefke



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