The Chaplaincy Committee is a valuable resource to UAW Members in their respective locals. On occasion members have special needs and the chaplains are available to help meet those needs that cannot be met through already existing UAW programs.  The UAW Chaplaincy program provides a wide range of services which include:

Visit the sick and disabled in their homes and hospitals and if asked to do so; supply invocations and benedictions when requested

Offers counseling to those who desire it in times of bereavement

Interact with other servicing groups such as Work/Family and other Committee Members

Respects confidentiality of members and provides adequate space for private conversations

Restrains from administrating religious beliefs to members

Respect for all religions

Cooperates fully with grievance procedures, Work/Family Reps. and Community Service Committees

Answer prayer requests

The Local Chaplains serve members of all faiths and respects their faith as well as those who express no particular faith at all. The Chaplaincy Committee does not impose their beliefs on others or seek to persuade workers to accept their religion or belief. The Chaplaincy Committee members do not organize a church within the workplace. The mission can be summed up by their motto: “Caring in the Workplace.”




Tammy Ballard



Ashly Luna, Michele Sprung

Patricia McBride, Troy Henke,

Marcia Gutierrez



David Michael



Christina Tubbs, Jodie Jablonski,

Kasandra O'Neill, Troy Henke


Troy Henke



Marsha Gutierrez



Clifford Fatt



Troy Henke, Marsha Gutierrez,

Kasandra O'Neill, Jodie Jablonski,

Regina Trevino, Mark Torres



Alyssa Rebrovich



Marsha Gutierrez, Troy Henke

Daniel Gonzalez, Nate Gentile,

Julie Scribner, Ronald Ledwell


Women's Committee



Andrea Vires



Tina Reevers, Heather Herrera,

Amy Van Deusen, Christina Tubbs,

Amy Wilson, Olga Jones

The Women's Committee works to further the gains of women in the workplace as well as society.  This committee informs and educates to broaden the scope of traditional womens roles.  The sisters and brothers on the Womens Committee encourage women to become active in local, national and comminity causes and programs.  If you are interested in issues and topics such as:


Legislative action


Initiatives for work and family


Women in politics


Pay equity and the like,


then your involvement in this committee will support and encourage the women in your local and thereby, every-where.



Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee seeks members who are willing to represent the interest of all active and retired UAW Veterans and their families.  This committee is dedicated to advocating for the political and social concerns of Veterans.  This is accomplished through leadership, guidance and education on matters of concern, such as:


The Agent Orange Act of 1991


The Persian Gulf Conflict


Dependent care




Benefits and others.


The men and women who came to the aid of our nation when they were called upon, are a valuable resorce to the entire labor movement.  If you want to build and enhance the dignity that all Veterans have earned by serving their country, the Veterans Committee encourages you to participate.


Everyone at UAW Local 5960 what to thank ALL our brave Veterans for serving and protecting.


Steve Miller



Al Yates, Bill Cremeans II,

Nicholas Peterson, Danny Wood,

Troy Henke

Standing Committee for Chaplaincy



Retirees- Ron Ledwell

Active- Delores Jackson



Billy Owens, Shawnette Davis,

Marsha Gutierrez, Pam Beardsley,

Jeffrey Armster, JaMar Pittman,

Donald Tolson

An effective Union Label Committee supports the labor movement by informing and educating members about the products we buy as consumers.  This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods and services produced by union members under union-won working conditions.  The Union Label Committee keeps members informed of union products and availability of these products in the community.


This committee also helps to bring to the attention of our members those products produced under non-union conditions and by anti-labor manufacturers.  Committee members identify items that are on the "boycott" list and encourage rank and file support of these boycotts.  The work of this committee need not be limited to personal consumption.  As citizens, we can demand that tax dollars be spent on quality, union-made products including cars, buses and the like.

Union Label Committee

Education Committee

Building the power of the movement through education and training union members is the responsibility of the Education Committee.  Members of this committee determine the needs of the membership and provide classes, material and information based on these needs.  In many subject areas "on the shelf" programs exist that can be delivered to your members.  Materials are developed on such issues as: New Member Orientation, Grievance Handling, Leaders in Action, Union Involvement and Planning.


Programs can be developed on topics of interest.


If you are committed to providing education that informs, develops skills and motivates our members, this is the committee for you.

Consumer Affairs Committee

The Consumer Affairs Committee members believe that the labor movement should monitor the social conscience and performance of companies in order to provide safe and honest products and services.  This committee educates members on issues that affect all consumers, such as: child labor, truth in lending, truth in packaging, truth in advertising, utilities, consumer fraud, credit, and the like.  


If you are interested in keeping the membership informed on various consumer protection activities and legislation, this is the committee that needs you.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The bylaws of each local union, with the UAW Constitution, set out the rules by which the local operates.  In a new local, the work of this committee sets the stage for how the local will function, but, even well established local may need to modify or amend their bylaws.


Members of this committee are responsible for submitting original and/or amended bylaws provisions to the local union membership for discussion and approval.  This committee monitors the required local union bylaws amendment procedure to ensure compliance with the current bylaws and constitutional provisions.


Once the amended bylaws provision(s) has been approved by the local union membership, this committee monitos the process to ensure that the amendment is immediately submitted to the International Executive Board puruant to Article 37, Section 3 of the Constitution.  Join this committee to strenghten your local union's bylaws and structure.

Community Services Committee

The Community Services Committee performs the important task of geting help for members and their families in time of need.  If being there to assist when an emergency, natural disaster, or even just when hard times strike is something you feel strongly about, then this is the committee to give your time and effort to.  Some examples of community service activities include: hurricane relief, organ donor awareness, food drives, and support for laid off workers.  


The Community Services Committee works though public and private organizations to assure that members faced with problems in emergency situations get relief when needed.


Generally, strike insurance benefits are handled by this committee when local unions are forced to demonstrate their economic strength.  This committee serves as the local's link with the community as we all work together to help those in need.

UAW Local 5960 Standing Committees

Vibrant local unions and progressive movements don't just happen; they are planned for and worked on by people like you-members who care about the future and status of our union, members who care about what kind of future we want for all working families.  One way to make a difference in all aspects of our union movement is through standing committees.   If you are interested in making a difference there are applications in the UAW Work Center or at the UAW 5960 Hall. Please contact our UAW 5960 President for more info on how to get involved.

Citizenship and Legislative Committee-(CAP)

How can I make a difference?

Committee information provided by the International UAW


The Citizenship and Legislative Committee, most often referred to as the Community Action Program (CAP), is the worksite political-legislative are of the local union and the vital workplace political activator.  If you believe that the people we elect greatly impact the political climate for working families and you want your voice to be heard, then this is the committee to join.  

CAP committee members are active in protecting worker rights, fair trade, new initiatives for working families, health and safety and other issues that affect working families.

We support candidates who support and fight for our trade union agenda. The CAP committee assists in voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, dollar drives, letter writing campaigns and publicizing the issues and positions of public officials.  This is the committee for hands-on political experience that allows you to grow and learn and take part in legislatively implementing out labor and social agenda.




Gerald Lang



Gary Wurtz, Kenneth Wade,

Troy Henke


Civil Rights Committee



Jimmy Paramo




Christina Tubbs,

Stephanie Farrell, 

David Michael, Michael Garlick,

Dennis Barnett, Jose Rivera


The Civil Rights Committee is an essential guardian of the "No Discrimination" policy of our union. Members of this committee fulfill the local union's commitment to assure members full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation, nationality, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.


The committee informs members of steps and procedures, including filing complaints and hearings, whenever a member or members believe their rights have been violated, either by management or other union members.  The commitee works toward the elimination discrimination in the work place, the community and the nation.  Members of this committee have the opportunity to keep the local union moving forward toward the fulfillment of our UAW committment on the civil rights front.


The committee needs members who feel a moral obligation to speak out on the issues of intolerance, injustice and bigotry and to rebuke any person or group that expresses such activity.

Conservation and Recreation Committee


Constance McFadden



Melissa Farrell, Natasha L. Graham,

Andre Jackson, Ursena Jackson,

Warren Mitchell, Alyssa E. Rebrovich,

Michelle Sugden, Troy Henke


This committee provides a variety of opportunities that fall into two categories.   Recreation, which includes leisure time activities and Conservation, which includes environmental concerns.


It has been proven that in today's busy work environment people need to combat stress with quality time and individual leisure time activities.  If you enjoy organizing events such as bowling leagues, hunting trips, sporting events, team sport competition and the like, then the Conservation and Recreation Committee could be your committee of choice.


This committee is also an avenue to explore clean air, clean water, developing parks and other environmental concerns that are an interest to you.  The Conservation and Recreation Committee challenges are not limited to your neighborhood or state, but are as widespread as national and global issues that affect us all.

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