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    White Shirt Day

    White Shirt Day

    On February 11, 1937 a handful of dedicated union people in Flint Michigan held

    out and won recognition from one of the world’s largest corporations. Many of them had

    lost their homes and most of their families were destitute in the middle of a Michigan


    This Thursday, February 11, 2010 stop for a moment to recognize the efforts and

    perseverance of this brave lot. In many ways, they paved the way for s strong middle

    class and opportunities that, before their time, people could only dream about.

    Today, unions are more important than ever and are a vital partner in the push to

    re-manufacture America. Americans pretty much want the same things today that they

    did in 1937; dignity in the work place, a good paying job with health care benefits and

    enough to help their children reach their own dreams through education.

    Americas unions not only make the work place safe and productive but are

    involved in the community as well making sure there are opportunities for employment

    and helping those less fortunate. If you have the opportunity, say Union Yes!


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