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    Women's History Month     Equal Pay;Equal Say

    Women's History Month


    By: Denise Hufford


    It’s March and you know what that means; it’s Women’s History Month.  As a women working in an auto assembly facility, let me say that I couldn’t be more proud than to work in a UAW Represented work site. At my work I have language in a contract that guarantees my rights as a women.  I have language in a contract that guarantees that my pay is equal for equal work and that my voice is heard and valued on all issues.  All of these items, and many others, were fought for and won by the United Auto Workers.  Let me take this opportunity, during Women’s History Month, to say thank you to the International UAW and our own UAW Local 5960 for protecting my rights and having my back in the work place.  Life is more fulfilling in a union represented work place.  No harassment, equal rights, equal pay and full time representatives to assist me when things don’t go right.  Thanks to the union and may we all have a wonderful Women’s History Month.  



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